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Enclosure Modification Services

We make getting the enclosures you need easy.  The benefit to you is that your products ship complete with the holes, cutouts, and other special features so that you receive a finished product and do not have to modify the enclosure in the field.  There is a simple three step process when placing a modifications order.  These steps are outlined below. 

Step 1

Decide on which enclosure you are interested in.  We will refer to the standard, or stock enclosure as a basis for developing the modified enclosure going forward.  As a rule, there are two levels of altering
the base enclosure.  The first level would be "Modifications", which we refer to when incorporating things like holes, cutouts, windows, swing panels, etc.  The next level would be a "Special" enclosure.  This level of alteration typically involves dimensional changes to the enclosure that add/remove inches from the height, width or depth.  Keep in mind that NEMA ratings can change depending on the level of modification to the enclosure and there may be additional set-up charges and minimum order quantities depending on what level of modification is done. 

In either case, we would need to capture some basic information from you on the type of modification to be done. This information would consist of things like the size and number of holes desired and locations, special color requests (for fiberglass and painted steel primarily), any window requirements, panel requirements, etc. 

After we have this information, we will respond with a quote for the version of the enclosure you are looking for along with an estimate on the time frame to have them produced and shipped.  Upon your acceptance of the price and order, the process moves to Step 2.

Step 2

Now that we have an understanding of what you need, we will create formal schematic drawings for your review and approval.   These drawings will outline the specific modifications required per your request.  As these products will be engineered and built to your specifications, we need to ensure that everything is correct BEFORE the order goes into

Once you have reviewed the drawings and have approved them, the process moves into production and your order will be placed into the manufacturing cycle.  The time estimates given to you in Step 1 are based on the "clock starting" when the order has been received and drawings have been approved. 

Therefore, responding quickly when approving drawings will get your order into the manufacturing schedule sooner and get the enclosures to you quicker.

Step 3 

Your enclosures are built, packed and shipped!  Now, wasn't that easy?   

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